Frisian Unique


For several years Iím involved in hybridizing daylilies. I particularly use modern cultivars from America to get a strong and beautiful plant. On a large piece of land I breed the seedlings into adult plants and I select them on the following aspects:


          A good grower


          Flowers that open well and are beautiful of course

FRISIAN UNIQUE is the name of my hybridizing project. I sell these unique plants for the price of 10 euro within the western part of Europe. In a photo album you can look at the flowers and read about the parents of the plant and the year of hybridizing. People in other parts of the world can of course buy these unique plants, but they have to get in contact with me about the way to get them (the amount of fans) and the price of shipping.

Non commercial daylily lovers can order their favorite on line and you can give it a new name and register it if wanted. I guarantee youíre the only one that possesses the daylily , because you get the whole clump of the plant. When you have bought the daylily you own a unique daylily, hybridized in the project FRISIAN UNIQUE.

The plants can be picked up in Hardegarijp and because itís sometimes difficult to make your choice by looking at pictures you can make an appointment to see the plant in real, the best in the month july.

Of course the plants can also be sent, but in that case you have to pay the postage as well and because of the weight of the whole clump it's not cheap.






Click here for pictures from Frisian Unique