Awards and Honors


America is the land of awards and honors, in any case for the daylily. For getting an award there are a lot of rules. The first you can get is HONORABLE MENTION. A daylily can be nominated three years after its registering. A large number of garden judges, educated by the AHS, choose the best and nominate the particular plants. If a daylily receives a nomination from 15 judges who come from at least four regions it can get the HONORABLE MENTION.


All plants that have received the HONORABLE MENTION are three years after obtaining that nominated for the next award, the AWARD OF MERIT. In this case the garden judges go also along the gardens to look at the nominated flowers. Of all these nominations twelve cultivars with the most nominations of at least half of the regions get the AWARD OF MERIT. This award is very honorable, just a few cultivars are getting this award. 


The daylilies that have received the AWARD OF MERIT are nominated for the highest award the AHS knows, the STOUT SILVER MEDAL. Every year there’s only one daylily that gets this prestigious award, the highest a daylily can get. Four of the plants are becoming a Runner Up. After registering it takes at least eight years (in the fastest case) before a daylily receives the STOUT SILVER MEDAL. 

Apart from these awards and honors, there are several others: 

·         LENINGTON ALL AMERICA AWARD  best performer over wide geographic area

·         EXTRA LARGE DIAMETER AWARD  for the largest flower

·         EARLY SEASON BLOOM AWARD  early season blooming daylilies (E or EE)

·         DON FISCHER MEMORIAL AWARD  most outstanding miniature under 3”

·         ANNIE T. GILES AWARD  most outstanding flower with a width between 3” and 4.5”

·         IDA MUNSON AWARD  the best double flower

·         DON C. STEVENS AWARD  most outstanding eyed or banded daylily

·         EUGENE S. FOSTER AWARD  best late blooming cultivar

·         HARRIS OLSON SPIDER AWARD  most beautiful spider

·         LAMBERT/WEBSTER AWARD best unusual form

·         R.W. MUNSON JR AWARD most outstanding distinctly patterned daylily

·         PRESISDENT CUP  the most outstanding clump

·         FLORIDA SUNSHINE CUP the best small or miniature flowered clump


On the website of the AHS you can find all the past winners on AWARDS AND HONORS. 

In Europe there are not that many awards. The European Society has since 1997 his own Stout Silver Medal, called the  WATERMAN AWARD The Dutch/Belgium hemerocallis society has it’s HEMEROCALLIS OF THE YEAR. In the descriptions in the Photo albums you can find the awards and honors of the particular plant.